Google and Craigslist Home Finder

Craigslist A friend sent me a link to this awesome tool that will help me locate rentals in San Francisco.  It is powered by Craigslist and Google Maps and it gives you an birds eye view of rentals available in the city.

Here is how it works, you click on a green icon to select the city you moving to.  It will ask you if you are looking for Rentals, For Sale or Rooms. So I clicked rentals in SF. It shows me a listing of all the rentals available on the right and a map of the city on the left.  As with any city, SF is very diverse. You can choose a nice area, but within block you encounter a part of town you don't want to walk alone in. I love this tool, because it will make my apt shopping a lot easier. Check it out at to see if its available for your city.

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  1. Andrew 9 May, 2005 at 19:31

    Thanks so much for this post! I just found me great new apartment in Vancouver using this! We live in Boston, and this saved us an extra trip to apartment hunt, because we found a listing in a building we already know and love!

    You rock!


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