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Sharing Your Story Online: The Empowering Effects

We all have stories to share with the world. They can either be bad stories or good stories. But, we are so selective when it comes to sharing our life stories. We begin to feel vulnerable about ourselves. We firmly believe that we will make ourselves fool in front of others. However, you cannot imagine that sharing your experience is extremely empowering.

They can guide others or educate your audience who are going through a similar path. If you feel reluctant to share your side of the story or feel afraid due to public reactions, then you can make use of secure online forums to discourse without revealing your real identity. Here I’ve mentioned a few benefits of sharing your story:

You Can Help & Inspire Others

Sharing can be healing for others who are going through similar circumstances. Your story can help the outside world to gain a better sense of direction and purpose in life. Understandably, it takes courage to express your feelings, thoughts, or perceptions. But, an unfiltered story is essential to inspire other human beings.

You Can Reaffirm Your Values

Storytelling significantly helps you find your own voice. You learn to express yourself for whatever happened in your life. You develop a story structure that makes sense. From the act of writing & storytelling, you begin to learn new things about yourself, which is an excellent way to remind you of your values and priorities. You eventually start to feel strong for what you have survived in the past.