AE Outfitter Wearable Tech

Apprentice American Eagle Outfitters was a sponsor for tonight's episode of The Apprentice. The Teams where tasked with designing a wearable technology line that combines fashion and function at AE's New York Design Center.  I must say the fashion they came up with was a fun, yet some of it was a bit over the top. For example, creating jackets that hold your laptop inside a huge zippered compartment on your back? That one left me wondering how in the heck are you expected to reach for it. The most int resting idea, was using the "kangaroo pouch" of your hoodie, as a secret compartment you can flip open, that holds your Gameboy.  I also like the small clips made out of floral fabrics to hold your MPIO FL300 to your jeans. Overall, it was an int resting show, considering some of the contestants where not too tech savvy. I will try to post a clip of the end result, so keep checking back.

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