Only Smiling Faces Please!

Smile The next-generation digital cameras will not take your photo before recognizing your cheerful smile. I mean, who wants to see pictures of a grumpy you anyway? I am actually a shy gal, so I hate it when people ask me to say 'cheese' or whatever just to see me crack a smile, to then regret it because it only made me look atrociously awkward. Damn Technology! Now the Canon super-geeks have made it impossible for people like me to get by with the Mona Lisa smile. At the Canon Expo 2005 in NYC, they unveiled a prototype that has an automatic smile detection system. "The camera's artificial intelligence tracks all moving faces within sight and snaps the picture when smiles and bright eyes peak -- a challenge for even professional photographers. It will be a while before this camera hits the streets." Aren't we lucky... Source: Edmonton Journal via Amber Mac.

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