Gucci ice cube trays

8795814257179903 With Spring in the air and the myriad of cocktail parties to come, you are sure to want to impress your metrosexual and fashionista friends with these Gucci ice cube trays. For $60 a pair, you can serve your fancy cocktails with some frozen G-shaped ice cubes. A clear choice for those named Gina, George, Gail or Gabrielle. Yep, you know you are a Diva when you serve your fav drinks with Gucci ice cubes.


  1. Queermisfit 17 May, 2007 at 14:01

    These trays are AWFUL. Gucci charged my mother $90.00 because she got them for me as a present and you cannot even get the ice out. It’s such a joke. And their so-called return policy prohibits me from returning them in any way because I used them. Apparently, GUCCI failed to test the effectiveness of their own product and has no problem sticking it to my mother for $90.00 because of their failure.

  2. jo 31 March, 2005 at 19:43

    your blog is awesome… now if i could only get my hands on one of those designer psp cases… 😉

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