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iPhones with the Best Screen Resolution

What version of iPhone should I get? The answer is simple – it depends on what you want from your phone. Smartphones are undoubtedly the most important device for today's generation. They allow us to stay connected digitally, communicate with friends and family, send/receive messages, browse social media platforms and play mobile casino games.

When choosing between two or more iPhones, there are several features to consider before buying a new phone. Some of them include screen size, resolution, camera quality, battery life, memory capacity, etc. Below, we give you the iPhones with the best screen resolution.

iPhones with the Best Screen Resolution

1. Apple iPhone XS Max

The Apple iPhone XS Max has a display featuring advanced OLED technology. This means that it can produce vivid colors and high-contrast images. It also offers HDR10 support so users can enjoy content in a high dynamic range with richer details and brighter whites. In terms of resolution, this smartphone has a Super Retina Display that has a 5120 x 2436 pixel resolution.

Another reason why people love the XS Max is because of its fast charging capabilities, which offer up to 2 hours of usage time when using a standard charger. To charge faster, you can use a wireless charging pad. However, not all wireless chargers are compatible with all smartphones. For example, the Qi-certified Wireless Charging Pad for iPad Pro requires an iPhone 7 Plus.

2. iPhone SE

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The third-generation iPhone SE comes with a 4 inch IPS display with a 720p resolution. Just like many other manufacturers, Apple uses an AMOLED screen instead of a backlit LCD panel so that you can play South africa slots online nicely. As such, you will see darker blacks than ordinary LCDs. However, thanks to the True Tone feature, viewing angles are great. Moreover, since the iPhone SE doesn't have any physical keys, it is easier to type the text as compared to traditional keyboards.

3. Apple iPhone 8

Apple introduced the "notch" design trend with the iPhone 8. Its front display features a notch that houses the earpiece speaker, FaceID sensor, and various sensors. With this trend, the smartphone now measures 151 mm wide and 75 mm thick. While some might complain about the notch, others prefer these changes. One thing is certain: the higher screen resolution of the iPhone 8 makes it one of the best phones in the market today.