How To Make Your House A Smart Home With Latest Technology

Who doesn’t want to flaunt the latest technology items in their home to their guests and show off how easily they can control their house?

Nowadays, a home is incomplete without some essential home prerequisites. Along with the basics, the demand for smart home gadgets is also rising. From air-conditioners, thermostats, lightening system, television sets, lights, and garage doors — everything can be easily connected to the internet and can be operated at one go with a mobile device or smart speaker. But the main task begins when you have to set up the devices with your phone.

There are overabundances of unusual accessories that connect and work only with certain products and some may even work better than others. So, after you have made your attempt to connect the device with your smartphone, you can easily switch on tasks like - turn your lights by using your smartphone, play music to a speaker using Alexa, switch on your Air Conditioner from anywhere using your smartphone, lock your doors remotely, clean your house, and much more.

These gadgets are more about just convenience as it also helps in saving you on electricity and energy costs. If you want to make your tasks simpler, you can consider a great number of smart home products—from Amazon and Flipkart.

Amazon technology is the most prevailing category where one can shop dozens of smart tech items at best rates along with Amazon fire stick tv, Amazon Alexa and much more and on the other hand, Flipkart technology also offers dozens of smart home devices, from the camera to television sets, to thermostats to robot vacuum cleaners.

Here's a guide to help you know which items will be helpful for you to make your home turn into a high-tech smart home.

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Best Smart Speaker


The new Amazon’s second-generation Echo speaker is the most attractive and original piece that makes your task much simpler. You can easily change its skins based on your home décor. The new Echo is similar and functions the same way as the original does: you can control smart home gadgets, connect to other smart home hubs, read audiobooks, check the temperature and weather and can even purchase things online with your voice command. Get this Amazon smart speaker now and make your home tasks simpler.

Best Security Camera


The Arlo Q's 1080p camera is one intelligent security camera that boasts good quality video and at both day and night time. Plus it has the great motion detection power to easily schedule its system. The best part about the security camera is that it offers free video storage for one week.

Best Smart Thermostat


The Ecobee4 contains everything one enjoys in a predecessor. It has a slick touchscreen interface and an easy functionality remote sensor that easily signify that all rooms are getting proper heating and cooling. But the latest Alexa doesn’t need an Echo or an Echo Dot to control the other smart home devices.

Best Smart Cookware


Cooking can also be possible with just one click with the Anova Precision Cooker Nano. It is a sous-vide machine, that offers you hot water to cook your food to a specific temperature. You can easily place the food in a sealed water-tight bag so that it conserves all its juices. It's one of the easiest ways to get perfect medium-unusual steaks, juicy chicken, and much more variety. Also, it is the simplest and easy to use the appliance. You can also consider some great recipes which are available on its app from Serious Eats.

So, shop all the above smart home gadgets and get your task performed at one go.