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Comic Books are For Everyone

I remember reading comic books when I was a youth. I got busy with other activities before slowing down and rereading comic books in my mid-twenties.

The thing is I never thought about what drew me back to comic books; there were a variety of activities that I could have engaged in, ranging from running to other sorts of literature.

But no, my attention was drawn to comic books. I would even go as far as buy and sell comic books online every now and then.


I didn't know it at the time, but I think what drew me to comic books was the fact it could convey compelling messages, provide profound and engaging stories, and all in an illustrated format.

What was not love? One could easily consume the content, get wrapped up in a different world, and still have compelling topics to talk about overall. The next component was that I could relate to it even when I was older, I could feel it just as well as I did when I was young.

Comic books are a compelling art form, and I wanted to delve deeper. Here are my learning's from researching more about the allure of comic books.

Stories Compel Everyone

There's this perception that comic books are for nerds only. But I find that the truth is quite different from this perception. Why? The obvious answer is that Marvel and DC movies sell tickets. These stories bring in entire families to movie theatres. They do so because these stories run across the age spectrum and personality spectrum and speak to many people.

These stories transcend boundaries and help us connect to them, segments of our present lives, and glimpses of the future.

Comic books have been thrust into pop-culture because stories drive us.

The fact of the matter is that we have always been telling stories since we started etching drawings on cave walls and hieroglyphics in ancient times.

Comic Books Drive an Impetus for Reading

Reading might seem out of favor in this day and era. But comic books can help break that annoyance for books. These masterpieces help break down concepts in a more novel and compelling way that encourages nay and pushes the reader to turn the page. Needless to say, it is hard to give up on comic books.

The best comics help people become more engrossed in the characters and their present and past stories. These novels paint images in the reader's mind and help them feel as if they are along for the ride. Comics are literature that helps people comprehend complicated or tedious principles and subjects in a more simple way.

I was already a fan of reading before comics, so a more illustrated version helped feed my reading need. I hope that it can help you think deeper and expand your imagination.