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Tips To Avoiding Allergies During Allergy Season

Believe it or not, spring is coming very soon and this also means the return of all of the dust and pollen that is common during this season which can cause many to experience allergies in one form or another. The widespread presence of allergies has caused many to explore methods and tips for avoiding allergies as much as possible during this season if possible at all. The following are some tips for minimizing the risk and impact of dust / pollen during allergy season brought to you by Premier Allergy.

Tip 1 - Using Wood Flooring Instead of Carpet

There are many advantages to wood or tiled flooring when it comes to preventing dust build up and this is partly due to the way that carpets and rugs are much more able to store and retain dust over time. Wood floors and tiles, which can much more easily be swept or mopped, are much less likely to retain the same amount of dust or pollen over time. This can make it so that the room a person is in either more or less likely to aggravate their allergies during the spring season. Believe it or not, dust and pollen can make its way in to the home in many different ways and store itself in the carpet or rugs of a place without being noticed until it has already had its impact.

Tip 2 - Cleaning Your House Consistently

It may seem like a minor factor given the amount of dust and pollen that exists outside of the home, but keeping a house continuously clean can help make sure that an area is as free from allergens as much as possible which can contribute greatly to the breath-ability of the air and can contribute substantially against the irritation and irritability brought about by allergens. Making sure an environment is as clean as possible is also going to help minimize the impact that allergens have during allergy season.

Tip 3 - Ensure Proper Nutrition

Believe it or not, the impact of many allergies and allergens can be enhanced tremendously due to a lack of nutrition which is why keeping a proper balance of nutrition is going to be important in order to minimize the risk of allergens during allergy season. The stronger and more resistance and immune system is, the more it is going to be able to resist some of the impacts that allergens can have during the spring season. However, the weaker the immune system of an individual the greater likelihood they can experience more impacting signs and symptoms brought about by allergens during the spring season including certain illnesses such as hay fever. These are some of the reasons why building and sustaining a healthy immune system is going to be important as well.


There are many who dread the impact of dust and pollen during the spring season but this does not always have to be a time of detriment for those who experience allergies. By taking several small precautions such as avoiding carpeted / rugged rooms and ensuring areas are as clean as possible, the impact of allergens can be decreased substantially. These are just some of the tips to reduce the impact of allergies and there are likely to be more. Know of any other tips or strategies to avoid allergies during the season? Let us know down below!