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6 Ways to Protect Your New Smartphone from Damage

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to see a new smartphone suffer damage not long after you bought it, you’ll be all too familiar with that sinking feeling of regret. If only you had been more careful or taken out that insurance you were still considering. Whether you’ve dropped it in the toilet or the pool, scratched the screen or dropped it, water damage or cracks are heartbreaking. There are plenty of manufacturers which will talk about the strength and durability of their phones, but the truth is that they are delicate and expensive pieces of technology. If you’ve recently purchased a brand new smartphone and would like to keep it looking great for as long as possible, here are 6 simple ways to protect it from damage.

1) Use a screen protector

The screen on your smartphone is crucial not only because it is literally the window into your device, but also because it’s the most fragile part and very costly to replace. The smallest accident could be catastrophic in terms of looks and functionality, and even day to day handling is likely to result in scratches. A screen protector will help to minimize the damage caused to your screen over time.

2) Buy a sturdy case

A case for your smartphone will minimize impact if you do drop the phone on a hard surface, but you need to ensure you invest in a high-quality case for maximum protection. For example, BodyGuardz new iPhone cases feature three levels of protection designed for shock absorption.

3) Keep it away from water

Water damage can be disastrous for your phone and although water resistant phones which will survive rain or a quick dip in a puddle are more widely available now, they are not completely waterproof. The safest course of action is to keep the phone out of the bathroom, away from the pool and never to touch it with wet hands.

4) Never leave it unattended

Try to keep your smartphone near you as much as possible and if you can’t, make sure it’s stored securely. If you leave it unattended, in busy places, balanced on an uneven surface or somewhere where animals or children will be running around, you are taking unnecessary risks with your beloved smartphone.

5) Pay attention

Unfortunately, lots of smartphone damage occurs simply because the owner had a lapse in concentration or a moment of clumsiness and dropped the phone. Remember how much you value what’s in your hand and, while it’s not a foolproof strategy, try to hold your phone carefully in both hands with fingers wrapped around the corners.

6) Take out insurance

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like being prepared and that’s what smartphone insurance is for. For a relatively small monthly fee you can rest assured that – should the worst happen – your phone will be fixed at no extra cost. However, remember to check the terms and conditions of any insurance policy you take out as it may not cover all types of damage or loss.