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Minecraft: How Do You Benefit from It?

Video games have always had a bad reputation; they are constantly accused of negatively influencing the development of their users, both physically and developmentally thanks to increasing the amount of time spent indoors staring at a screen.

However, depending on the games being played there are also benefits to videogames if played in moderation. Recently, the game Minecraft is being hailed as a beneficial activity for children who need support in developing their social skills, such as those with autism and ADHD. It’s not just children though, but adults as well who can benefit from playing this game.

Creativity and Communication

Minecraft encourages creativity as the game is based around creating different physical structures from your own imagination, in unknown worlds. This also gives the player a lot of control which can be comforting for those with autism or ADHD. You often have to go out on a whim and try new ideas to see if they work in this game, which encourages experimentation.

During a game of Minecraft avatars can be chased by monsters therefore the players have to develop fast problem-solving skills in order to escape. Furthermore, being successful on Minecraft relies on having the curiosity and investigate skills to find new tricks and tips to give you an advantage over other players.

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Psychological Development

For those who find interpersonal situations difficult, Minecraft can help to develop the necessary skills to improve, in a less intimidating environment. Users have to communicate with each other in the game and work in teams which is a great way for players to learn what works best in these scenarios. Succeeding in the game also requires having a good reputation and being trustworthy in the eyes of other players.

There is a trick known as ‘griefing’ where a player can destroy another player’s construction, and this act can have disastrous consequences for your reputation so it’s important to always play with integrity. These qualities can transfer over to real life too once you realise the benefits they have. Furthermore, Minecraft helps players to develop technical skills for which they are respected for by their peers, leading to a growth in confidence; something that is highly valued by those who may struggle to make a name for themselves thanks to the personal challenges they might face.

Practical Skills

Minecraft, in particular, is known for helping to develop a variety of practical skills, making it a popular game to play. You can always check out something like Minecraft hosting if you’re thinking of dedicating your time to playing this game. This is a particularly good idea if you are interested in something with great potential and can be extremely fun to play with friends! You can learn a whole load of other skills if you are considering using a Minecraft hosting system. However, just by playing the game you can learn more basic skills such as the ability to read and understand often complex guides on how to tackle each aspect of play, users also develop more specific skill sets.

For example, they often recreate well-known landmarks which requires growth in their geographical knowledge, and they learn the basics of coding and geometry. They also need to manage resources and think critically about the choices they make, such as deciding which tool is the best long-term investment. Trading these resources is another feature which helps them to develop skills which can be used in other aspects of life.

As you can see, Minecraft really stands out in the world of video games as helping to develop a range of important skills in its users, for example, creativity, communication, reputation building, trust, technical skills, confidence, and problem solving all come into play. If you are interested in playing this game or something similar, then you can check out this article here about games that you’ll be playing in the next two years. It might give you a better idea of what else is out there and how beneficial they are for you.