Rainbow Projector

Any of you remember the Care Bears cartoon? How about My Little Pony and friends? Rainbows play a pretty big part in both universes, and as corny as it sounds now, I really enjoyed the former show back when I was a wee toddler. Looking at things now, the innocence of kids seem to get lost pretty early these days as you don't find such 'feel good' cartoons on the networks these days as they have all matured somehow without me noticing. If you want to relive a little bit of your past, then this Rainbow Projector ought to do the trick, casting a rainbow right in your room without spraying a mist of water and shining strong light through it. It will cost $32 for one of these, which is pretty affordable for a kid's toy. No idea how long it'll be able to retain his/her attention span though.

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