5 Cyber Security Tips That Can Save Your Business

In the internet era, cyber security is said to be just as important than the burglar alarm when it comes to running a business. Right now, almost everything is conducted online, which means the computers in your offices are full of invaluable data. You’ve probably already taken some steps such as creating difficult to break passwords (bear in mind to change them every couple of months, though), installing the latest firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. With the right and regular security measures and using services such as Lookout, you will be safe from cyber crime.

So let’s go over some other measures which need to be taken so as to provide full protection to your business.


Educate your employees

Let’s start from the less obvious, but equally important factor in cyber security. It’s essential that all of your employees completely understand some basic rules. For instance, they must not use their personal tablets, mobiles or laptops for business purposes. These are more prone to cyber attacks since they are less protected. Regular password updating is their responsibility, too.

Also, it should be clear which websites are not to be accessed during working hours, especially social media accounts, which could otherwise result in information leaking. In addition, take care of mobility. They are not to move the devices too much even around the company, let alone take a laptop or a USB drive outside the building.

Create backups

In the worst case scenario, you will still have all your data stored after an attack. No matter if the information leaked somewhere, it is mandatory to create some kind of backup (your computer, mobile phone, documents) in order for you to recover all the details, and continue your business as usual.

Generally, the process is quite affordable and it’s highly recommendable to do it on a daily basis.

Conduct risk assessment

Regardless of how big or small your enterprise is, this step is mandatory. No business is too small for a hacker – perhaps it’s your company they will randomly choose as their target. Risk assessment implies identifying every single piece of information which could be considered valuable. As a result, it helps you realize where your weak spots are and how to fix them.

What’s more, conducting risk assessment leads to creating a proper response plan, including a cyber security strategy in case of an attack.

Hire a specialist

Possession of extremely sensitive data of your customers simply shows how much they trust you to protect their interests. By doing so, you must not let them down. In order to do so, it’s a good idea to hire a professional with specialist security skills. GDPR Security (General Data Protection Regulation) is to be taken very seriously since not respecting its norms can have serious consequences. If you are not sure what GDPR security implies or how it works, consult with the ones in the know.

As well as that, it’s advisable that you assign the duties about the cyber security to someone in your company. He or she should be in charge of tracking down if everything is going according to the plan, ensuring all the security measures are taken and updated regularly.

Use secure payment methods

Prior to deciding on the right payment company, you have to do meticulous research. As we all know, our clients and ourselves are extremely sensitive when it comes to money matters and disclosing the numbers of the accounts and credit cards. According to a report, Americans are especially prone to such cyber frauds.

One of the first things to check is if the transactions are secured with SSL protocol for encrypting information. For your clients to use online payments, the website has to be PCI compliant. In addition, the information about the customer’s credit and debit card should never be stored on your server. Some other matters to be checked are if the payment gateway uses HTTPS (data encryption) and if it’s 3D secure.

All of this may be a lot to take in, but you have to start somewhere. Invest as much time and money as it is needed to make all of this run like clockwork. Each and every step is equally important since it only takes one weak link for the whole system to fall apart. With the right and regular security measures, you will be safe from cyber crime.