Remote Control Round Bed

DobeThis bed is so glamorous, we just had to post it. The Histoire Do Be is a rotating swivel bed run by remote control. It comes with built in cabinetry on the back that includes drawers, glass shelves and TV stand.  Mobelform has this bed in different colors and sizes. My only concern would be finding sheets for it.


  1. Allie 17 December, 2007 at 16:10

    How can I get information about purchasing only the rotating remote controlled base? I have a large round bed already, but it is stationary.


  2. Michael Anderson 11 June, 2007 at 14:15

    We manufacture many sizes of round and other less traditional mattresses. We also make the both rotate and articulate (head and/or leg up and down), and, yes, with vibrators. We have since 1955. As to linens, London Bridge Linens in Colorado Springs stocks many sizes of round linens. Questions, contact us directly.

  3. Robert Stephens 16 October, 2005 at 12:46

    Hey, my future in-laws sell bedding for round beds on their web-site. Check it out.

    They have them in Percale, Cotton and Satin. Up to 600 threadcount in cotton.

    Sorry to sound like a shill, but you did express concern about finding sheets for them.

  4. Leslie 27 September, 2005 at 08:04

    Ikea sells them, they offer a bed that doesnt rotate but is the same shape and size. We saw it at our Brand Spanking new Ikea here in Atlanta.

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