Xpad Laptop Cooling

Your laptop has to stay cool and there are so many options that will do the job, but how many actually work? One safe choice that I have tested recently is the Xpad. It features a non-slip laptop cooler with a heat shield. This cooling pad is constructed of a light material that is easily held in your lap or placed on a hard surface.

Reducing laptop overheating is of huge importance and too often I see people that do not focus on this as an important maintenance step. With a unique design of three layers of thermal insulation, trapped air pockets and the EVA padding on the bottom, this Xpad really worked to keep my laptop cool, even while gaming.

It was also very convenient when faced with having to place my laptop in my lap instead of the convenient desktop spot that I usually use. I had no problem getting comfortable and staying comfortable with the Xpad placed there and I was very impressed with how cool my laptop seemed. It also is a non-slip surface, that's a huge plus! I have read that fan coolers can mess with the laptops already used fans and so I wanted to try something new out. The Xpad really seems to work and they have great reviews on their site. Take a look and see if it might be the answer to your cooling pad search.

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