Rocketfish Bluetooth Combo

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Rocketfish has an excellent choice of products being rolled out and one of my recent favorites that I got to test was the Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo.  You can find this one at Best Buy This comes in a nicely packaged set with a laser mouse, bluetooth dongle, keyboard, batteries, installation CD and instructions.  They are also a sleek black, silver and red color which made my day because they matched my office.

You won't have much to do in the way of installing this, either.  The CD automatically starts up with an easy to use menu.  The drivers are loaded quickly and easily and the user manual is also located on that CD, along with a printed copy in the package.1476601775 c3cda93a8a

The keyboard has those lovely shortcut buttons that I particularly love.  The 104-key design, with additional 10 hotkeys and a quick connect button make this keyboard easy to figure out.  The keyboard seems sturdy and lightweight enough for a wireless to place in the best position for your typing needs.  Can you say "media center" accessories?

The laser mouse has the tilt/scroll wheel, three mouse buttons (necessary for gamers), four media key buttons (music while you play?), and they both have a nicely added power-saving mode so that when you walk away from your system you're not having battery drain.  The working range is up to 60'.  It was comfortable in my hand and the side rubber grips helped me out when getting serious about my gaming.

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The bluetooth dongle also opened up the opportunity for me to pair up a bluetooth enabled printer, my cellphone, and other devices around my house that already included bluetooth.  I really got more than just a keyboard and mouse combination with this package.

These also come with a 1-year limited warranty and an easy to use site that allows you to tap into other product listings, product support and customer support areas.  The Best Buy site offers customer reviews and at press time there were 6 listed, 100% said they'd recommend it to a friend.  Count me in, too!

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