Apple Announces Major Changes with All-New App Store

Enjoy Daily Updates, Great Games and Original Content at the App Store

The App Store recently underwent a major overhaul, and facelift. Today, it features plenty of original content, available under the ‘Today’ tab. Fans also get to enjoy loads of apps and a selection of great games. The June 2017 updates to the App Store were hailed by Apple fans around the world. The rationale behind these changes is a customer-centric approach to Apple’s extensive product offering. Now, Apple users can easily discover games and apps, source original editorial content, news stories, and more.

‘Today Tab’ Drops it Like it’s Hot


All content is updated daily, and it can be found under the Today tab. Among others, Apple’s global reach brings detailed interviews, indispensable apps, and useful tips to the fore. Readers will be able to enjoy riveting content in the form of breaking news stories, feature articles, and topical interest content. Perhaps the most exciting addition to the App Store’s range of offerings is the gaming selection.

Users will feel more engaged with the content, and fellow Apple subscribers. To date, the App Store has witnessed some 180 billion+ app downloads. Apple Incorporated claims to have paid some $70 billion to developers since inception in 2008. This places the App Store at the forefront of the global software marketplace. The App Store enjoys some 500 million visitors per week, and that number is growing all the time.

Half a Billion Unique Customers at the App Store Every Week


The senior VP of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing department, Phil Schiller proudly proclaimed, ‘… Together with our incredible developer community, we’ve made the App Store the best app platform in the world, and more than 500 million unique customers visited every week.’ The fresh new look, is part of an ongoing initiative to keep Apple at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

All aspects of the upgraded App Store offer more immersive appeal, stylistic content, and up-to-date material. The Today section of the App Store features the game of the day, interesting new stories, editorials and other original content. Users can source a wealth of information on app culture, general apps, games and detailed features. The artwork and animation is top-tier, and the cultural nuances are showcased in grand style. Some of the many features in the today section include bold new looks at the favourites and a series of top tips on user-friendly guides.

Dedicated Games Category for App Store Fans


Perhaps the biggest change at the App Store is found in the games and apps category. Games remain the most popular of all the categories of the App Store, and now, they have their own dedicated section. Gaming fans can access a treasure trove of information about all aspects of gaming. These include instant access to some 500,000+ available games, HD videos, game charts, trends and statistics, and details of new releases.

Game categories span the full spectrum including instant play games like slots, puzzle games, word games, skill-based games, RPG games, multiplayer attractions, and much more. The App Store game selection blows away the competition with fully optimized apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, using the latest iOS software, upgrades and tech specs vacations.

Back in the day when apps first came onto the scene, users got excited to check out the latest apps that were available. Apple wants to bring back that excitement and amazement and that’s precisely why it embarked upon an ambitious plan to revamp the App Store. Now, you can enjoy the game of the day, and this also serves to encourage users to repeat visit the App Store.

Featured games are positioned at the top of the vertically scrollable page under the ‘Today’ tab. Players can learn everything there is to learn about these great new games, including an editorial writeup, photos, and even videos. This makes it much easier to get a better sense of the all-round gameplay.

For all the social media aficionados out there, the App Store is big on sharing. You can share details of each of the games instantly. For relative novices, the how-to-guides are a great way to learn the intricacies of these apps. And if you happen to have abandoned an app before, you will be prompted to relaunch these apps and learn more about them. This encourages interaction with the games and the developers. Apple has created this brand-new platform to boost retention, engagement and ROI for the iOS platform and its many compatible devices.