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Online Gambling In The United Kingdom On The Rise

These days, people in the UK are more than ever getting their gambling experiences online, instead of going to more traditional casinos. It looks like reliable online casinos are gaining traction with the British public.

Significant Gains In Recent Years:

For a long time, brick and mortar casinos were still king, but recent years have seen 20% or better growth, quickly eroding away the brick and mortar advantage.

All of this is despite the new rules which require online casinos in the UK to register with the UK gambling Commission, and pay a fairly hefty tax on profits together with that. It looks like despite a saturated and regulated market, online providers for casinos are more than up for the task, as they have continued to see big gains.

Reasons For Growth:

Most experts agree that the main reasons for growth are simply related to technology. Advances in the quality of widely available fiber optic and mobile data networks make for a much better online gambling experience. This is coupled with advances in the quality of the software engines being used by online casino companies, which take advantage of the better technology at their disposal. Not only is technology getting better, it’s getting cheaper and more widely available.

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Another very possible factor in the growth of online casinos is that people have reached a point where their trust in online casinos has reached critical mass, due to diligence on the part of the companies to show transparency and reliability and good customer service.

In general, e-commerce and electronic payment systems have made huge strides in these same areas in recent years, thus completing the holy trinity of factors driving this very strong boom in the online casino sector.

Looking To The Future:

Obviously, sustained 20%-plus growth year after year is very rare, bordering on the impossible. Eventually it will have to slow down, but we predict it will not slow down until it has acheived a vast majority market share. Brick and mortar casinos are going to have a harder and harder time competing with their online counterparts, as online gaming holds several key advantages which is allowing it to grab market share in such an aggressive manner.

We predict that in the future, brick and mortar casinos will be more considered as exotic and old fashioned tourist destinations in a few key areas, except for in areas where local laws are extremely liberal as far as casinos are concerned.