Motorola V9 Ferrari Edition

Fans of the prancing horse will be able to snag their hands on yet another piece of Ferrari-related tech - this time in the form of a blissfully delicious Motorola V9 Ferrari edition. While Motorola's range of phones are suffering from RAZR fatigue - a term used to describe an over reliance on the original RAZR's design, making it harder for Motorola to outdo itself in that aspect, placing a Ferrari logo and splashing it with red paint won't exactly turn the beleaguered company around, would it? What makes this model different from the vanilla V9 would be the inclusion of Ferrari inspired grand prix panels, an overall Ferrari theme and a nice leather case that shamelessly displays the Scuderia Ferrari logo on it. I wonder how much of a premium this puppy would cost. Pretty hot stuff this. Meanwhile, the phone’s other features remain bog standard to the normal V9 Razr version but that in my opinion will not detract Ferrari buffs from going out painting the town red with the red and sexy Motorola-Ferrari V9.

Source: Cellphonebeat

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