Kodak Elite Vision KTEL-30W

Kodak has a brand new 1Seg portable TV for the masses - this time it comes in the form of the Kodak Elite Vision KTEL-30W. Not only that, you will be able to pick from a shocking pink color that will definitely grab the attention of your nearby neighbors. Features include a 3" AMOLED screen in 320 x 240 resolution (I'm not too sure just how much you will be able to view through such a small display though, definitely not a long term entertainment solution), and a lithium battery with a life of 3.5 hours. Measuring just 8mm thick (or should I say thin), this is one highly portable device. You will be able to pick up the Kodak Elite Vision KTEL-30W from July onwards for €175.

Source: Akihabaranews

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