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Women Preparing For That Big Road Trip

There aren’t too many images more powerful than that sexy woman who chooses to ride a real bike, not some little missy scooter. And that woman should take full advantage of her machine to go on road trips regularly.  But before we take off at Mach Whatever, we need to make sure we’re completely ready and have everything we need beforehand. So, keeping that in mind, here are some accessories to make that trip a complete and smooth experience:

1) Jackets

Your tastes and mileage may vary among jackets, but you should always choose functionality and safety over fashion. Having said that, a lot of jackets offer all three all up in the same jacket, no problem. Go jacket over vest whenever possible for safety reasons, obviously, and just as obviously, check out the safety rating of your potential jacket before even considering buying it.  You can check out various options, and choose one that’s right for you. Aside from the aforementioned, there really is no right and wrong here.

2) Helmets


Save and spend proper money for a proper helmet. And don’t be afraid to replace them even before you think it needs it! There is no necessity for a lengthy explanation here of how important helmets are; if you are reading this you almost surely already know about the subject!

Popular favorites that have extremely high safety ratings and are also actually gorgeous are Arai. There are of course tons of brands, but that one reigns supreme to most serious riders. The extra money you pay for one will be worth it just about a million times over in a clutch situation.

3) Spare Parts

A bare minimum for spare parts would be cables for the clutch and accelerator, brake parts (pads, drums etc.), and a spare headlight bulb. Find the room for these, and ride all over the place with the utmost confidence. You never know what remote area you may be in and wind up needing one of these parts that they don’t have in stock anywhere near the place! You can also consider things like a spare chain, brake fluid, etc. although these tend to be more readily available. That last part maybe depends on just how out in the wilderness you may be planning to go.

So now that your checklist is complete, get out there and tear up that road as only you can do.

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