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Halloween - The Most Underrated Holiday

Finally, we’re getting to that time of year that I’ve been waiting for. I’m talking about Halloween, of course.

Let’s be honest here, everything about Halloween is awesome. The parties, the candy, the parties, the theme, the parties, and the parties. And of course the costumes.  After all, who doesn’t like dressing up in sexy Halloween costumes?


First off, let’s discuss costumes themselves. My avoids for 2016, the Katrina (done to death), and anything from a movie that has come out in the past two years. Like seriously, don’t get caught up in the hype and join the legions of mediocre people out there doing Harley Quinn etc. And anything to do with Game of Thrones, so played out. Lastly, avoid ANY presidential candidate. Like seriously, if I see that in a party, I’m just leaving. Bye, seriously.

Now, what costumes would I consider for this year…. Something subtle. In a world of overdoing it, sometimes subtle says more. I’m not going to tell you what I’m going as. Instead, I’m going to tell you I’m planning on doing something like going to the main page of 3wishes.com. They have Halloween costumes, sure but they have other types of clothing that could be used as a base for something more creative. Or by itself. I especially like the “naughty executive” section because I dress down a lot the rest of the year. YMMV.

As for what to do, I’m thinking of skipping the standard club crawl most of us do every year. Also, so played out. And I think I have to admit to myself that I am really too old for trick-or-treating anymore. (Sure I can pass for jail-bait, right? Ok, no.)


One alternative to the typical Halloween party thing is to look for something in an actual haunted house. I have been browsing lists like this one. I like the idea. I especially like the third option on that list. A real honest Victorian mansion with who knows what creepy energies in it. Spice your Halloween up a bit. I’m trying to convince my friends but they all say they’re scared. Maybe I need to switch up some friends a bit.

Also of course, open to suggestions from all of you, where to go, what to do. But you better have your costume game strong, that’s all I have to say about that!