Are your sweaty workouts a danger to your iPhone?

liquidIf you're heading to the gym with an iPhone strapped to your arm, you better think twice about running  an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill. I understand that you want to get your bod in shape for the beach, but please, leave the iPhone at home unless you want to ruin it with your sweat. CNet touched on this topic after a KPRC reporter in Houston investigated consumer complaints that iPhones were being ruined by their sweaty palms. Apparently, sweaty customers are tripping the iPhone's moisture sensor, and are told by Apple reps that they see these types of complaints all the time. But is Apple doing anything to address the problem? Probably not. When asked if Apple plans to warn consumers about this danger, they were directed to an iPhone 3G manual that says to avoid getting moisture in the device's openings (headphone jack, connector, etc).  CNet writer David Martin, says the moisture sensors on the iPhone are very accessible at the bottom of the phone, compared to your average handset, which have the sensors located under its removable battery.  This whole mess sounds like a design flaw, and one Apple should address soon. Unfortunately, this type of water damage is not covered by warranty, so if you're having problems with your phone, you better get a better case that covers any exposed openings, or just leave the device at home when you head to the gym.

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