Life Clock is your digital doppelganger

Young adults who grew up on a diet of Tamagotchi, here's something interesting that turns the tables on you. The Life Clock from Jinsei Tokei functions like a Tamagotchi, although you need not care for it. Instead, the tiny digital guy you see inside? Yes, he mimics your lifestyle in a manner of speaking. You will be able to choose from an ordinary salaryman, a schoolgirl or a rockstar, getting up the moment your alarm clock goes off and going to sleep when you set the alarm at night. Remember, no cheating! Guess this is more or less what life is all about, earn some cash, try to outrun inflation and save enough to survive a recession, eat three daily meals and find a nice girl to settle down with, all to the dot. The Life Clock will retail for $55 if you're interested in picking one up.

Product Page via Gizmodo

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