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Bonus entries and deadline extension update

Make sure you guys enter to win the HP Magic Giveaway. We are extending the contest until 3 am EST to give folks in the West coast more time to enter, so get your entries in. We are getting so many great entries, but these are some of our faves so each gets one bonus entry:

Jennie writes:

We are a military family, and my husband will be deploying to Afghanistan the day after Christmas. We are thankful he will be here for Christmas, but are not looking forward to his deployment. We would keep one computer for my girls and I here at home and the one for him to take to Afghanistan. We would really enjoy being able to give away some of the wonderful products HP is giving away. We would do this through both our church and possibly by my husband taking some to give away in Afghanistan. Thank you!


Jackson writes:

I am 13, and I have a video podcast. It’s called iPhreak and its about technology. I have been trying to find a way to draw people to watching my podcast. I thought about buying an HP TouchSmart to give away to the biggest fan. When I heard about this contest, I had to enter! So if you choose me for the contest, you will be helping a 13 year old with a dream to make a great podcast!

Amberneely writes:

I'd take the TouchSmart, and ship everything else off to Child's Play, so they could raffle it off, and could get a decent chunk of money for whatever it is that they needed. For those of you who aren't aware of what Childs Play is, it's a great charity run by the folks over at Penny Arcade. Their goal is to provide kids who spend the holidays in the hospital with toys and stuffed animals through the holiday season, and to provide children's hospitals/pediatric centers with toys, movies, and games for kids who have to spend a lot of time there. Its a great way to help sick (and often terminally ill) children feel a little less bored, and take their mind off of the reason they're at the hospital. Read more about Child's Play at childsplaycharity.org

J Wirt writes:

Techie Diva and Hewlett Packard are giving away $6,000 worth of computer gear this season, and I'm entering to try and win the HP Touch Smart. If you saw the computer I work on you would fall over backwards from laughing so hard. Having lost my job a few months ago, I've been struggling to make ends meet by doing freelance work when I can find it. If I won the Touch Smart it would enrich my life so much, words cannot explain! I would also donate my current desktop computer (the one I'm writing on now) to my local animal rescue service.

I would donate all the remaining items back to the contest to be distributed to the other folks who entered this contest. Then it would be up to Techie Diva to decide where the rest of the prizes were to go. Or, Techie Diva could give the rest of the prizes away to her favorite local organizations. The bottom line is I don't need all the items in the giveaway, I just need a better computer than the one I do all my work on. Also, it would be awesome to share the rest of the prizes with others!
As they say, it's not about receiving...it's about giving!

Kimbly writes:

I would give these items away to my mother and my niece and nephews.
Mom is just discovering the internet as a way to work herself out of depression; she just doesn't have a computer to access it more often. My niece and nephews are being raised by my sister, a single parent. I really believe that technology could make a dramatic impact on their lives. It gives me hope that they could work themselves out of their surroundings if they had more access to the technological waves of the future. Kids soak up information like sponges - I just know this would make an incredible impact on their ability to learn and their lives as a whole.


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