Toilet Smellkiller does away with nasty odors

We all know just how smelly toilets can get if you're sharing a home with people other than yourself. Of course, this doesn't mean you aren't exempt from your own stink bombs as well, but surely you can bear your own burden compared to assaulting your nostrils with the awful smell of others' waste? Instead of getting chemicals to neutralize those odors, why not take the environmentally friendly route with the Toilet Smellkiller? All it takes is a single flush to get the job done, and you don't need to replace it - ever. Sounds amazing, right? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - how does it last a lifetime? Apparently it uses high grade stainless steel that is able to remove even tough odors, and you get to save money in the long run without having to pick up refills from the supermarket. The Toilet Smellkiller will retail for £14.95 each.

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