Xerox EverFlat Paper

Xerox surprises the world with its latest innovation, the EverFlat Paper. What do you mean by EverFlat - isn't paper flat all the time? Not so if you have a thick paperback, where the pages arc up toward the spine. The EverFlat Paper lets the book lay completely flat even when open.

Xerox EverFlat Paper allows the pages in an open book to lay completely flat, rather than bowing or arcing up toward the spine. Flat pages make it easier to view an image across two pages. The paper has an 80 lb. cover weight that provides a thicker, premium feel over traditional paper. It can be used for photo books as well as computer / technical manuals, desk calendars, textbooks, cookbooks and music books.

Just when you thought Xerox had run out of innovative ideas, here's one that might just revive the idea of reading this thing called books in kids. Those little critters are way too comfortable with their QWERTY keyboards and LCD displays IMHO.

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