MasterCard offers diamond-studded cards

Just when you thought that the wheels of the world's economy is about to fall off, leaving the global economic vehicle to come to a grinding halt, along comes some rather optimistic companies like MasterCard who figured out that the world's super rich won't really mind which way the stock market is heading, since they have amassed more than enough wealth to last many generations down the road. Literally a gen of a card, this new diamond studded card comes with a diamond and is laced with gold. This card is known as Diamond, and will come studded with a 0.02-carat gem, featuring special designs depending on the credit card holder's gender. Rich females will be able to enjoy the image of a peacock while gentlemen have a winged horse - Pegasus' descendant, perhaps? The card will feature a $1,000 annual fee and will be issued within a couple weeks' time via MasterCard and Kazkommertsbank. There is a credit limit of $50,000, and you will be blessed with a personal card "manager" who can be disturbed round the clock.

Source: Luxury Launches

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