Phone with a Scent

Hyunda_mp280 Some of us have an aromatherapy addiction that can drive others crazy. I go a little nutty after being around people that need more than one shower a day, or don't wear deodorant. So I start breaking out the scented candles, the Glade plug-ins, or the spray-on Febreze. Really, I am that obvious. But if I had this phone, I might look less like a scent-snob and more like a gossipy teenager. Hyundai released the MP 280 perfume phone. It comes with interchangeable covers, and a refillable perfume-releasing feature so you can treat your nose every time you make a call. The phone will go on sale in China for about 9900 yuan (without any plans) that's around 1,225.03 USD. [Via]

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