HD DVD cracked code takes to the catwalk

hd-dvd-code-shirtThe Internet is truly a fascinating platform, having almost a life of its own. There's money to be made online at all times, and this time the good people at Nerdy Shirts seized to opportunity to squeeze a fair amount of dollars by taking advantage of the mutiny on Digg by printing the HD DVD cracked codes on a T-shirt. While most of the population won't be able to understand what the mumbo jumbo on this shirt means, at least you can look smug knowing you're much geekier than the rest of the population.

While the idea is pretty cool, the novelty might wear off in a few months' time (along with the numbers on the shirt due to numerous washings) as you explain to people over and over again what those codes mean. Available in only one color, you can pick a shirt up for $20 today.

Product Page via Gizmodo

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