Nikon offers Media Port UP headset

And you thought that all Nikon did was to churn out high quality cameras, one after another. They have recently gotten a little bit more adventurous with this futuristic looking Media Port UP headset, where wearing one makes you look like a Borg from the Star Trek universe. The Media Port UP is Wi-Fi ready, enabling you to view streaming video thanks to the pre-loaded Windows Media Player. Too bad you won't get stereoscopic vision since only one eye is privy to what's being shown, while the other ensures you won't walk into an obstacle accidentally. The UP300x is the higher end model compared to the UP300, and the former features an integrated motion sensor that lets you adjust volume and other settings via a simple nod of the head. Other features include 8GB of internal memory, a host of connectivity options and compatibility with a wide range of media file formats. The Nikon Media Port UP will start from $580 upwards.

Source: Newlaunches

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