i-sleep lets you snooze on your laptop

Those who travel frequently will know that getting enough rest along the journey is essential to arrive at the destination feeling refreshed, but with many people carrying laptops these days, it can be quite a danger if you're a heavy sleeper and snooze off in a bustling airport terminal - you might just wake up to find that your precious laptop and all the information carried within is no longer there. With the i-sleep laptop bag by Ivonne Dippmann, you will be able to go to sleep with a peace of mind, knowing that for someone to steal your laptop, they'll have to wake you up first. The i-sleep pillow can be attached to your pillow, where it gets filled with warm air while playing music with an alarm kicking in after 10 minutes. Perfect for those essential cat naps on your travels. Too bad the i-sleep pillow is but a concept at this point in time.

Source: Likecool

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