Blood bag cell phone strap might be too morbid for some

Ain't this a hoot - just in case you're as forgetful as me and cannot rattle off your blood type when asked for, here's a blood bag cell phone strap with the blood type printed on it. Released in Japan (where else), this cute little IV bag of blood will definitely raise eyebrows and perhaps even a few questions whenever people look at it. Might be a wee bit creepy for some to use, and I am sure the more morbid among our readers might actually think of replacing the faux blood within with the real thing. Hailing from Japan, the reason behind this cell phone strap is the long-held belief (there anyways) that one's blood type has something to do with one's personality. For $6 a pop, this looks like a pretty reasonable present or impulse purchase.

Source: Medlaunches

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