Hand Linker from Strapya World

Strapya World has plenty of quirky gadgets for one to play around with, and many of them concentrate on enhancing a cell phone. One of the latest accessories to be released is the Hand Linker, and as you can tell by the image on the right, you will be able to use the Hand Linker to hang your handset around your neck, while slipping your index finger through the ring when you talk, providing you with a much more secure grip so that your precious phone won't just drop down due to a case of butter fingers. It comes in an assortment of colors, including black, white and red, and each of these puppies will retail for a shade under $10 after conversion. Sounds like the perfect gift if you want to help somebody overcome a case of wet and clammy hands that are always the eternal enemy of consumer electronics like cell phones and the ilk.

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