WowWee Femisapien robot

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it is no wonder that robots are fast becoming staple "must buy" toys for kids as gifts during birthdays and holidays. WowWee is no stranger to the toy robot world, and their latest addition is the Femisapien robot. Touted to be the first female robot from the toy outfit, this uber cute robot is extremely flexible with a female slant to her personality. Her head tilts according to her current function, and among the various modes you have the Attentive Mode that sees her shower you with a robotic love and attention in case your wife or secretary is neglecting you. Other modes allow her to pose herself, function as a back-up singer and even blow robotic kisses your way. There are over 36 functions and 20 interactive routines to immerse yourself with, so you might actually get one for yourself instead of for your kid in the end. The WowWee Femisapien will retail for $99.99.

Source: Gizmodiva

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