Crayola EZ Type USB keyboard

Everyone has a inner kid in them even when one is all grown up on the outside, so why not let your hair down once in a while and go nuts? The office need not be a drab place filled with gloomy faces - just take a look at the Googleplex and you'll know what I mean. I suppose folks working in such a vibrant environment will also be able to appreciate the uniqueness of the Crayola EZ Type USB keyboard. This simple keyboard is meant for beginners, but it will also help inject some color into any self-respecting office. It lacks function keys, a numeric keypad and half the punctuation normally found on a standard keyboard, but it does feature colorful demarcations and has a really huge Escape key. You can get this for your child and borrow it for the office after handing over $29.99 to Crayola.

Product Page via TRFJ

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