Cybertek Wings for an early Halloween

I know that some of us love to dress up and let our imagination run wild, and surely somewhere along the way you have played the role of an angel? Well, this time round, you can forget all you ever know about those heavenly beings as time and tide have taken a rather rough toll on life's outlook, and where feathered angels used to have a field day in our imagination, the Cybertek Wings offer a dose of 21st-century reality. These remind me of the predecessor to the Warren Worthington III's wings after he was turned into Death, a horseman of Apocalypse in the X-Men comic book series many years ago. You won't get a full wing on either side, but they do come in the basic bony structure.

Created from carbon fiber and extruded aluminum, these wings are able to extend and retract at the push of a switch. Don't play with it too much though, as they can be repeated around 7 times only before the internal air pressure needs to be recharged. Gotta love the blue colored wingtips that add the cyber heavenly look to the model. If blue is not quite your thing, you can also choose from red, green, yellow, purple or white colors. The Cybertek Wings cost $1,000 a pop, so they aren't meant for kiddie plays.

Product Page via Gizmodiva via Ubergizmo

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