Egyptian casemod is the bomb

Out of all the ancient treasures of Egypt, this will definitely provide adequate proof that aliens did impart their technology to the Egyptians a few thousand years ago - a PC case mod. Built from scratch by Chris Kramer (a.k.a “Jadragon”), this special case mod is known as the EgyptMod PC, featuring detailed and intricate hieroglyphics along with liberally sprinkled (faux) jewels to give it that treasured, authentic look. You just gotta hand it to this guy for the dedication displayed, including the mesmerizing Eye of Ra detail crafted from brass and inlaid with polished malachite and verisite. A total of more than 200 hours were required to carve everything, and it makes me feel as though turning this on will wake up the mummies of old in museums all over the world.

Source: Technabob

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  1. Eye Of Ra | 23 October, 2010 at 14:37

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