Sony Soutina speaker a reality

It is always nice to see conceptual ideas being turned into reality as technology advances at lightning speed, and this Sony Soutina is definitely one of those that made the grade. Unveiled as a concept slightly over a year ago, it came in a truly stunning design, being tubular in nature and having no particular direction it was pointing to. June 20th will be the date where dreams become real in the form of the Sony Soutina (NSA-PF1), coming with a transparent organic glass tube which vibrates and expand sound to 360 degrees. Other specifications include a frequency response of 50Hz – 20,000Hz, an input line, coaxial & Optical connectivity, a 13cm subwoofer speaker, a 7cm medium speaker and a tweeter. It won't be easy on your wallet though, retailing for a whopping €6,500.

Source: Akihabarabews

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