Tanita UG-201 Glucose Monitor

Tanita Japan has rolled out the first portable urine glucose monitor, dubbed the UG-201, in the world. This non-invasive device will be able to check the current blood glucose level indirectly simply by measuring the urine glucose level. All one needs to do is pee on the sensor and an accurate reading will turn up, making this the perfect device to tote around even when you're out feasting with your family. Perfect for diabetics who are sick and tired of poking themselves with a needle every single day in order to check their blood sugar level. Powered by a single CR2032 lithium watch battery, the Tanita UG-201 will be able to last up to 6 months with three measurements taken daily. The unit itself will retail for approximately $153, with replacement sensors (once every two months) going for $57 a pop.

Source: Far East Gizmos

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