Buddha Cell Phone

Now isn't this one of the weirder cell phones you have come across? The Buddha cell phone definitely does away with Buddha's Middle Path where design and appearance is concerned, but it somehow managed to incorporate Buddhist aesthetics ranging from the startup screen to ringtones, making this handset rather ironical to use. Some folks might find this to be vaguely familiar, and they are right as this is actually a highly customized Nokia N70 which features a steel base and 24-carat gold plating, a jade button for video and a jewel encrusted camera. Other more standard features comprise of Bluetooth connectivity, video and audio playback, and handwriting recognition to cater to folks from the East. No idea how much this costs, but I think Buddha himself will frown on such opulence for a handset, what more one that is released with connotations of the Enlightened One himself.

Source: Popgadget

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