macgyver mp3 watch

MacGyver watch for the adventurous

I'm pretty sure everyone who grew up in the 1980s will have fond memories of the MacGyver TV show, where the main protagonist was a genius in getting himself out of tricky situations, often with nothing much but everyday items such as a piece of dental floss and a paper-clip. His watch was also pretty worthy to square up against James Bond's, although the former clearly lacks the class of the latter. The MacGyver watch can now be purchased for $199, featuring a 5-mode audio equalizer, MP3 playback, 3D stereo sound, a voice recorder, integrated USB and flash drive capability for you to tote your data around. Too bad USB 1.1 is in action here, which is painfully slow compared to USB 2.0 which we've been pampered with for quite some time already.

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