Auto Healther Reiz DZ270 pampers you

Just when you thought massage chairs meant for the home could not get any more luxurious, enter the Auto Healther Reiz DZ270 that will definitely blow your mind. It isn't a massage chair, but more like a luxurious personal space for you to get away from it all without going through the hassle of packing up your bags and heading towards the airport. Apparently, this cabin will caress your body from head to toe, massaging every single part of your body to soothe away the day's toils and concern. Features include an integrated audio system and a touch screen LCD display, enveloping your body with a blanket of warmth. This puppy won't come cheap though, burning a $13,589 hole in your bank account.

Source: Gizmodiva


  1. Massage Chair Reviews 25 September, 2011 at 03:58

    The first possible negative effect of using a massage chair has something to do with our blood circulation. Massage is known to improve the circulation of your blood in the body but if you have an existing problem related to this like blood clot or deep vein thrombosis, massage and using a massage chair can make your condition worst. Evidently, you would not want this to happen, would you? Thus, you have to be careful before you actually use any massage equipment.

  2. Panasonic Massage chair 20 September, 2011 at 07:01

    When a person is in an environment that has no gravity and that person is allowed to relax and ‘free-float’ their body will assume a very unique (and relaxing) position. It is this unique and relaxing position that manufacturers of Massage Chairs seek to duplicate. Most of them are very successful at it.

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