Gear4 unveils new Bluetooth receiver

Gear4 has a hush-hush product that is bound to elicit some "oohs" and "aahs" from people who lay their eyes on it. This new Bluetooth receiver for HiFi systems is also known as the Blustream RX, and looks pretty much like any other hockey puck. It is roughly the size of a standard British three-pin plug, and is pretty solid thanks in part of Gear4 doing away with the standard plasticky budget feel of many a Bluetooth accessory these days. The Blustream RX is able to pair with any Bluetooth transmitter, hooking up to your HiFi through a stereo cable. Audiophiles will probably steer clear of this since Bluetooth transmits music in a lossy compression, which means the sound won't be as crisp as on the source itself. It will retail for approximately $100 each.

Source: Crave

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