Electrically Heated Undershirts

Warmx_w_1Winter chills are unbearable, especially if have to endure them after a nice warm shower in the morning. I don't know anyone who admits to loving cold weather, although I suspect there is such a person out there. For thin-skinned folks like me that wear three layers of clothing even when the weather is in the 60's, you'd like to know about a German company called WarmX that has introduced a line of electrically heated clothing. Their first product is a unisex undershirt with a silver plated thread of polymide knitted around the waist that contains a mini power-controller that regulates temperature.

These silvered fibres integrated into the jersey are supplied by a small battery with electricity. The jersey warms up itself directly on the skin - completely without heating wires. The temperature has three settings, and it's powered by a rechargable lithium battery that lasts 2 to 5 hours. Now you can peel the layers off during winter without compromising your bodies temperature.  [New Launches]


  1. Joy 31 March, 2006 at 13:00

    Hey I LOVE cold weather! Anyway Id still wear the shirt because some day I turn all coldblooded for no reason at all.

  2. Bob Aman 21 March, 2006 at 10:47

    I’m quite fond of cold weather and I have been spotted on occasion walking around in Rochester, NY blizzards wearing a T-shirt and shorts.


    So yeah, sure enough, I do exist.

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