A Laptop's New Wardrobe

14025_sq250 Soooo- you are still toting your laptop in a black leather case. Maybe it's time you add some color to your laptop wardrobe. We have compiled a collection of images of our favorite notebook cases, found at www.eBags.com. These cases are funky, sexy and cool, some practical and some not, but they are all adorable. You may notice some cases may be outside an affordable pricing range, but hey, you can certainly still look right?  You can even try to imagine yourself walking to the office and have all your women co-workers envy your expensive, stylish laptop bag or better yet you can show this blog to your boyfriend and start dropping hints for next Christmas' list. In any case, now that gadgetry is increasingly becoming fashionable and colorful, you have an excuse to switch away from that old black leather case.