Dash Express

For a flashy yet useful GPS system you need to look at the Dash Express.  Utilizing neat plug-ins like MyDash, allows you to customize your experience with the GPS system so that you get what you need at your fingertips.

With two-way connectivity, Dash taps into Yahoo! Local search, among other choices, and allows you to find the location of almost anything.  Most GPS systems come pre-loaded with static locations marked up but you can customize what you are looking for with this setup.

Dash Express also will work to get all the information off the Dash Driver Network and match it up with other sources of data to give you the most up-to-date and accurate feel for what's coming up ahead as you drive.  Traffic conditions can rapidly change and the Dash will let you know quickly so you can re-route.

This also has a neat feature called Send2Car that allows you or someone you contact to send an address straight to your Dash from any computer.  Two-way connectivity certainly makes this product stand out from the rest.

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