Nokia Gets Prismtastic with its 7900 model

prism.jpgThose lucky Europeans always get the cool fashion phones first, don't they? Shiny Shiny says Nokia's Crystal Prism handset should be available next month in Europe just in time for Valentine's Day.  The sexy purple delight features laser-etched, diamond-cut designs all over its thin body, and is complete with a purple jem in the center. As for the important stuff, like specs, the phone features things like a two megapixel digicam, 3G (impressive), Bluetooth, 1GB of internal storage, and a two-inch screen. Designer Frédérique Daubal created this beautiful handset, along with fancy wallpapers. Another cool feature is the phone's keypad lightshow, which can changes colors and pulsate to get you in a clubbing mood? Anyway, the phone will cost Europeans a hefty 280 pounds.

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