Paul Frank PDA, cellphone cases and pouches

paulfrank-verizonIf you're thinking that your PDA or cellphone would do well to have a case to keep it protected against knocks and scratches, then take some time to check out these spanking new offerings from Verizon Wireless. Working together with Paul Frank Industries, you will be able to choose from a PDA case, a cellphone case as well as pouches that feature Paul Frank's classic Julius the monkey pattern, Skurvy, the skull and crossbones, and the retro helicopter pattern. The PDA case was specially designed to fit just about any Verizon Wireless PDA, including the recently released LG Voyager. As for the cellphone case, it again will be able to hold most Verizon Wireless handsets like the new LG Venus. At the bottom of the list is the pouch that comes with a printed neoprene design with a dual-snap closure. The PDA and cellphone cases will retail for $24.99 while the pouch is priced at $14.99.

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