Digital Camera Swim Mask

Do you happen to plan for a snorkeling adventure in the upcoming summer holidays? Well, for those who do not want to purchase a waterproof camera or even an underwater housing just for this occasion, there is always the Digital Camera Swim Mask. This one is pretty nifty as it already comes with a built-in waterproof digital camera, saving you a whole lot of hassle and trouble in the first place. It will be able to operate up to depths of 15 feet, capturing crystal clear images (well, that really depends on the quality of the water, right?) in 5 megapixel glory. The eye pieces themselves are made of tempered glass, featuring integrated crosshairs that enable you to line up shots in a snap. The 16MB of internal memory will be able to store up to 30 high resolution images, but thankfully that paltry amount is augmented by a microSD memory card slot. The Digital Camera Swim Mask retails for $99.95.

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